Monday, 17 October 2011

What works and what doesn't work

I just used this piccy in another blog, but I love it so much I must use it again.

Maybe it has touched me so much because I at the moment feel like I could do a Karen Walker (Will & Grace) and skull half a bottle of Vodka no probs at the moment, and I am not a drinker.

Saturday, after being up from 6.30 cooking for the husbands family for a party that night I managed to get blamed for a whole myriad of problems by husband - the most serious of them being that we HAD NO COLD MILK.  That presented a tirade of sighs and "I can't believe it" and "why wouldn't you".  Finishing with "I'm not Angry" (to which I answers, "you shouldn't be"), "you made a mistake".  Huh??  Milk, we are talking about Milk here.....  

To be fair he is having a very hard time at work, however why does that need to then mean that we get a very hard time at home?  In my house it is not "Happy Wife, Happy Life", it is "Happy Husband, Happy Life".   And as he is not happy at the moment, why should anyone else be.  But when he is good, he is awesome!!!

So I am dealing with the husband be an old grump, plus trying to teach the two older ones that being angry doesn't achieve anything.  We have had weeks of sibling fighting and no matter how calmly I talk to them about it, it doesn't change.  No matter how loud I yell at them, it doesn't change.

Charley being as charming as ever....

So I am now BRIBING.  The best invention to serve the parent.  Good behaviour ALL day, and they receive a Fizz Whizz (provided there is some left after my long days).  5 consecutive days of good behaviour and we have a trip to the toy store.  And guess what....


Friends again, even if it is for the love of sugar

I have only given out one packet of Fizz Whizz each in the last week, however good behaviour has increased 10 fold and yesterday was our first day with no fights.

Now, what can I bribe the husband with????


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