Friday, 7 October 2011

Thank god for the hair fairy...

So my colorful 3 year old boy Reilly has more than a few issues when it comes to anything to do with his hair or head. For as long as he has had enough hair to cut it has always been a drama and distressing for all involved. Subsequently his hair has always been allowed to grow quite long to put off cutting it and I won't even talk about the drama of washing it.  We tried everything bribes, tricks, distraction, stories you name it but nothing worked. In the end to cut it we used to wrap a towel around him to restrain his arms, hold him over the bath on a knee(while whispering shhhh, it's alright, your are so brave ect) and he would scream like a banshee while the other parent ran the clippers through his hair as quick as possible. We then sat there (shacking) waiting for the police to arrive after the neighbors reported we had been torturing our son. It was just horrible but the police never came....

Hairy Fairy
So in complete desperation and feeling sick at the thought of his distress at another hair cut I jokingly made up the Hair Fairy and SHE WORKED, abit!!! She leaves a personal letter and box at the front door, you have to fill the box with your cut hair, leave it at the door and then she will leave you a treat. First time we cut the hair ourselves and she left some chuppa chomps.  Next we went to local lady who cuts hair in her garage (piss poor attempt at a Hair Fairy in retrospect), we got half his head cut with clippers before the banshee appeared. We were pretty stoked with that progress so he got a sundae. We have put off cutting his hair lately with all the changes, the house move and the "no nappies in the new house" regime. Yesterday one of guys working on the pool asked Mr C how old his little girl was. That went down like lead so it was time for a new hair cut.


The Hair Fairy left her box at the front door and a letter promising a McDonald's Sundae if he filled the box with his hair.  He was stoked as long as the "hair fairy just uses the clippers, no scissors mummy". Straight away we went looking for a new hair fairy at the local shops. We found the prettiest Hair Fairy with long wavy blonder hair (who payed along like a dream). Reilly sat on the seat proudly, got his hair cut with the clippers, then the scissors (no tears), thanked the Hair Fairy, gave her a big hug and told her he would be back again soon. We sent a picture to the letter writing Hair Fairy of the new hair cut and went and got the sundae which was "soooo delicious mummy". So here's cheers to the Hair Fairy.

All of a sudden my boy grew up in front of me. I liked the longer locks better, way cuter, but I am soooo proud of him. Now if only we could have a poo fairy to help get the poo's in the toilet.....

Cheers Carla

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