Monday, 10 October 2011

Well last night really sucked.....

I sit here in the half dark, half awake, listening to the birds chirp as the sun starts to creep up.  First night of 5 days solo and it sucked. Reilly came running in about 2am upset, so up he climbed into bed. Then from just after 2am Mackenzie was grizzling and crying. Tried patting, tried soothing, changed nappy, tried bottle, nuda... Let him wail for a while and nuda. After a game of to and fro in my head, do I give into the little bugger, but what if he is sick, but what if he is playing me, you are a heartless mother, what if picking him up he wins, the books say stay strong, can I bothered.  Let him cry some more and then there were three in the bed.

This could be me or Maca last night.
It took him ages to settle snuggled up to me in bed so that makes me think there is something wrong and it wasn't just him playing me. Good mother, good mum.. My throat has been throbbing the last few days and still is so I hope this isn't the start of another round of the lurgy in this house. If it is, at least Mr C is away so we won't have to deal with the man flu as well. With the amount of sleep I just had that would do my head in. Don't you love how when a man gets the flu the whole world is meant to stop, they are the sickest person in the world, they just have to have (in their head) TLC and the performance that goes on, "cough cough, i feel sick, cough cough, poor me, can't to anything (unless its for me), cough cough puppy dog face. Please, I don't know about your house but 'mum flu' doesn't even rate a mention in this house. I just plod along, nothing changes, no extra sleep in for me, no you stay in bed and I'll deal with the kids, no you just rest for the day. When was the last time you got to take a day off from being a mum to lie in bed all day with the lurgy? This is just me starting to dream of going back to bed and lying there all day. Not going to to happen....

My bed this morning
So cute

On the upside the monkeys are now fast alseep and the sun is up. It's that beautiful quite, still, part of the day when all you can here are the birds chirping, the air is crisp and the world hasn't gotten up yet. Nahhhh I'd rather be sleeping .

Here's cheers to the lurgy passing right over this house and some sleep tonight...

Cheers Carla

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