Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Too many beautiful things for my empty purse...

So I found this beautiful magazine at the news agent the other day and I love love love it. It is full of beautiful kids photography, clothes, decor, toys, party and cooking ideas. It is also full of articles on amazing women who make motherhood look so easy and stylish. You know the mother I used to wish I could be,  but, naaaahhhh, never going to happen.

Looking through this is  torture. My purse is empty and will be for a while due to the new house and big hole in the back yard that will soon be a pool. I can't however resist these beautiful harmonica and shakers from, their website has some amazing and beautiful things.  These will be a great stocking filler for my little maestro. The big present for the boys this year will be the honor of swimming in the pool.

So while we may be broke, have a big dirt pit in the backyard and a house full of red dust, the mag has given me some great idea's and inspiration that may or may not come to fruition. These book shelves in particular jumped out at me. My boy has heaps of books but will go through phases of obsessing about only one or two. I thought these book shelves from roseandlily were great for displaying them.  Mr C assures me he can do the little one no probs, think I might ask my dad if he could knock up a bigger one for the play room for Xmas.

This one for the play room..

Next to Reilly's bed would look great.

Gone are the days of longing for my house and my kids room to look like something out of a magazine. It's sort of like all the skinny models out there that sucker you into thinking size "nothing" is the ideal body shape, when reality is a little more warm, squidgy and comes in different shapes and sizes. Don't get me wrong my kids rooms are nice and coordinated but they only remain ordered for about 10 minutes before the next mini hurricane tears through. That is unless Mr C is home and his undiagnosed obsessional compulsive cleaning disorder gets sight of the room but that is a completely different story. Anyway my personal philosophy is their rooms should be their space to enjoy, but respect and there is no point cleaning it up until the end of the day, as it is just going to get all messed up again anyway.  In saying that, if my purse wasn't empty I would have gone on a spree  from the mag and their rooms would be looking amazing.  It would still  just be messed up again by 7.40 each morning.

Note to self -  
Number 23 on the to do list - get the men in my life to build the bookshelves for the boys.

Cheers Carla

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