Monday, 24 October 2011

Q: Am I suffering from CRS Syndrome???

A: YES - CRS Syndrome otherwise known as Can't Remember Shit

So I always thought that goldfish had a 3 second memory span but apparently it's more like three months. My memory is absolutely shocking right now and getting worse. 

I don't remember baby brain being nearly this bad with the R Man. Macca is over six months now and I feel like I am in either in a comedy movie, a nut house or the twilight zone. If you were to ask me which movie I was in, without a doubt I am Dori from Finding Nemo and the three second memory is true.

The similarities are just scary right now...

So far in he last  24hrs hours these are a just a few examples:

1.  From the bottom to the top of the stairs I forgot to set the alarm to remind me to turn of the sprinkler. Remembered after two hours and a 1/4 of the water tank later.

2. Asked a visiting friend if she wanted a cup of tea, put the tea bag in cup and that's it. Found the cup a few hours later with fresh tea bag in it next to the kettle. 

3. A friend's 4 yr old asked me "can i please watch Mr Maker" Moi "of course just let me finish filling in this form".  I turned around 3 seconds later, 4 yr old is still there and I ask him "what can I do for you". He looked at me like a complete freak "arhhh put on Mister Maker". I'm sure he was thinking what's up with this chick.

4. Went to supermarket, when I got there realized I forgotten what I wanted and tried to remember. Forgot about the shopping list in my bag I had written just before leaving home and only got 2 out of 10 things on it.

5. Finally straw was this morning, from the toilet to bathroom (all of two meters) I forgot I was going in there to get a tampon.  Won't even tell you how that one ended a little bit later...

Yep... this is defiantly me right now.
If I think to hard I start to freak myself out and stress that I have some early onset degenerative dementia or something like that but the thought soon passes and is forgotten. Imagine if I was back at work, it would just be embarrassing, not to mention professionally dangerous.

Much prettier don't forget
Lists are my savior right now, I don't just have 'to do' lists, I have a 'must remember' lists. My iphone has been a god send and probably kept me sane. I have the alarm set for morning and night to remind me to take my happy pills once in the day and even then I forget.

Worst of all I can't win an argument with my husband which frustrates me to no end.  He always has the trump card "well we both know what your memories like right now". At the time I am adamant I am right or remember, only to be proved wrong or find the missing object wherever I last left it and forgot.

Maybe a few memory games would help train the brain. Please save me from anymore Dora or Toy Story memory games, I think too much of those have put my brain to sleep. 

Maybe making these could keep me busy and a little more enthused. If I could just remember to do them. 

I just love these from the talented Shaunayounge
What a great use for left over fabrics from Sayyestohbok

I'm back to work in January so the baby brain better go before then or I'm in big trouble. Is this normal or what..... What's your most embarrassing or unbelievable baby brain moment?

So here's cheers to saying goodbye to the baby brain that has invaded my head!!!

Cheers Carla

In case you were wondering how I remembered everything to put in the post. I had a fleeting lucid moment when I found the shopping list and wrote it all down before in my note pad.


  1. When my second was under 12 months I actually left the groceries at the supermarket, not once, not twice but three times in about 6 weeks.

    Yep, paid for it all, got the kids back in the twin pram and walked home.

    Thankfully each time they left them to the side for me and put the fridge things into a fridge before my husband went to ask if we could still get them!

  2. Yeah 2 and a half years on and mines not back yet. I'm sorry, I understand. Let me know if you find a cure!!

  3. Please email me! I have a question about your blog! :)