Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Virgin blogger...

Oh my goodness, I never new this world existed. So I have looked at one or two blogs for a few years but didn't really get how it worked.  It started with a friends blog Mondocherry. This is about their amazing fabric and paper work, their loves and family. Initially it was a good way to see what JJ was up to and how her family was growing because we lived in different countries.

My entry to the blog world...
From their I found one or two more blogs I liked and kept watching them, occasionally finding another one. Through this I found the world of party design and loved it. Again didn't really get how it worked and twitter was a celebrity thing I had no interest in.  I just looked at the blogs, bought their amazing products off etsy and dreamed of having their talent. These are the main ones I follow and I love.

I love these girls.. don't know how they do it...
Wish I had a quarter of her talent...
 Most amazing and inspiring woman, mum, wife, survivor.
Home grown Aussie goodness.
My experience of motherhood has been a roller coaster to say the least. I used to look at everyone else and think they have it all together, why is it so hard for me?. I struggled with post natal depression for the first year and an ego centric. My husband and I have very different childhoods so finding the middle ground was another struggle. Combine these factors and the stress on our marriage was immense.

I am sort of a what you see is what you get person. I don't have a problem with self disclosure if I trust you, I can have a good laugh at myself and any mistakes I make along the way. As my mummy friendships developed, I slowly aired my dirty laundry. I soon realized through the honesty of friends we were all just doing a really good at faking the illusion of perfection and coping, some much better than others.

dirty washing

Jen and I have spent many a cuppa laughing about the great things in our lives, the things which we struggle with and the illusion of motherhood. From this we thought we would have a crack at a blog about both sides of motherhood and the things we hide in the closet that can make us feel a failure and alone. I know for myself, knowing I am not the only one makes me better and normal.

Enter moi, the Virgin Blogger.  Jen is a little more experienced at the blog thing with Beautiful Creationsit is a fashion, lifestyle blog for her online store Shimi.  So we started this blog and I entered the world of Twitter.  Low and behold there is a whole community of mum's sharing their not so perfect love. I love it, I love it , I love it. I only wish I had found this in the depths of my depression and struggle with motherhood over that first year. I think it would have been a great benefit, a place to vent and be told I was not so abnormal.

It may take a little while to get the public self disclosure mojo happening but I'll get there. So here I am bare and unedited joining the mummy blogging ranks. I hope my trials and tribulations bring others some laughter, joy and more than anything the feeling of normality.

Here's cheers to keeping it real and losing the blogging V plates.

Cheers Carla

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