Sunday, 16 October 2011

Long haul friendships

Finally this solo mission is over and Mr C is back later this morning. It feels like it has been a long week but at least it ended on a high with a great day yesterday. I get to finish the week off with a party tonight for one of my oldest friends KK. It's a Half way to 70, Wigs or Hat party. My legend of a mum is looking after my boys, Mr C will be knackered when he gets in from LA and will more than likely just stay at home. Waaawhooo, this means I will have the night completely to myself. I have missed you dearly my love but a night all to myself, none of my boys hanging of me at all, completely fancy free, vino in hand, sounds like bliss.

Now for a wig or hat, think I'll go hat. I'm not really a hat person so my selection is somewhat limited. I have a few old race day hats around the place. Sadly I have buckleys chance of fitting into the race day dresses they used to go with and the hats now live in the boys dress up box,. I do hope they aren't covered in too much food or paint. Oh how life has changed. 

Modern Millie
This one is a little scary.
This is my favorite
I don't know about others but the number of friendships I have been able to maintain since mummyhood  has diminished somewhat.  This is for varying reasons, most of all is being able to find the time.  I miss just hanging out with friends without being only half present in the conversation. You know when half of you is always keeping an eye on the kids, worrying where my child is, what is he doing, he needs to be fed, damn he's making a mess, how to i distract him, just let me have my cup of tea ect. Yes I was one of those deluded career/party women who thought a baby wouldn't change my life too much. Blahh Haah good on you Carla, everything changes.

Some of my pre mummy friendship will never be the same and that's all right. I can't go out partying till 2 in the morning anymore or hang out at the pub on a Sunday afternoon. Even if I could, I couldn't handle the following day with a hang over and hurricane Reilly. That's not to say your not friends anymore, it's just you catch up on life events rather sharing them. I've made wonderful new friends in the realm of mummyhood. The first six months or so was connecting with other mothers, from this you identify those you really connect with and would be friends even without kids, those are the friendship that have flourished.

Then there are those old friendships where time and distance make no difference. The long haul friends that no matter how long it has been you talk to them like it was yesterday and you can bear your soul or cry with ease. Without doubt that is my friend Kirsty or KK as Reilly likes to call her. We meet when we were in Grade 8, in our first year of high school. Scarily that's over 20 years ago now. There is a cassette tape somewhere out there of KK  and I aged 12 singing at the top of our lungs. The hits at the time were "The dogs are talking" by the Angels, "All I want to do is make love to you" by Heart and other fabulous 80's tunes. Hopefully that cassette will never see the light of day again.

KK is without doubt one of my most treasured friend. Over the years we have gone in our own directions, developed different friendship groups,  spent separate periods of time overseas and overall have very different lives. KK is fancy free, making the most it, staying out late, partying hard, dining out regularly and generally doing what she wants when she wants. You know all the things you miss. Whereas I am just little miss boredom in comparison. One of KK's biggest and best attributes is her loyalty.  Since we came back to Oz she has come round to dinner regularly and stayed when James is away. I so very much appreciate the effort she makes and the ability to just hang out together. I wish I could go to her more often and just hang with her but two kids and a husband in tow make the time few and far between. KK is a keeper, never offended if I drop of the radar for a while, always up for anything always there for special events and has a heart of gold. Happy Birthday KK you deserve a wonderful night and year to follow.

KK and skinny me at her birthday 3 years ago.
So here's cheers to the long haul friendships and a good night out.

Cheers Carla

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