Monday, 10 October 2011


So I had a wonderful 'gotcha' moment with Mr C yesterday. Now before I go on, I have to say I love my husband very much and while he can be a condescending, judgmental, ego centric, know it all twat at times, his strengths far outweigh his flaws. Just so you know, I can hang shit on him but heaven help anyone else who tries....

Me after sucking on the lemons
Anyway the story goes..... It was early evening and I was bathing the boys. My body and mind were having one of those melt down moments. You know when your body starts to ache, your heads stops working and you start thinking when will this be over, I can't be fucked today. So Mr C walks past and says "are you alright", Me "just tired", Mr C laughter haha "your tired" haha  while walking away. Needless to say that a argument ensued soon after during which Mr C produced some more pearlers "why are you so tired, you have just looked after the boys today" and "yeah it is a joke that you think your tired". To which I responded with numerous colorful profanities before walking around like I had sucked on a sour lemon the rest of the night.

 To give some context Mr C is a international airline pilot and had just done Australia, Los Angles, Australia, Abu Dhabi, Australia, Los Angles, Australia in under three weeks, he was exhausted. To give further context he can also be a twat and has the insight of a flea on what it is like to look after two young boys given he hasn't done it for more than 90 minutes in his lifetime. From talking with friends I know I am not alone on this one which makes it a little easier. Why is it that men think they know everything and that being a mother is just about play dates, lattes, baking cookies and a walk in the park. So Mr C sucked up for a while, I sucked on a lemon some more and then got over it.

Fast forward to yesterday and Mr C took Reilly to a local carnival for the morning. They went on a few rides and had a snow cone. Mr C gets home two hours later and goes straight to the couch, "pheeeww I need to sit down, he (Reilly) is exhausting".  "Ohhh" I responded, "why so tired YOU JUST LOOKED AFTER HIM FOR TWO HOURS" followed by smug laughter. Mr C "ohhh I don't mean I'm tired from him it was just the carnival", Me "Funny that's not what you said two seconds ago and it's not like it was the two of them from dusk till dawn", condescending tone "come on, being tired after two hours is abit of a joke isn't it".  It really was very satisfying "gotcha" moment, Mr C knew it and we both had a good laugh.

 So here's cheers to next time my darling husband is an insensitive condescending twat, surviving the argument that with no doubt follow and continuing to love him just the way he is...

Cheers Carla

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