Monday, 3 October 2011

34 and 12 days...

Welcome to a glimpse inside my crazy roller coaster of a world. Full of highs and lows, big bumps, small bumps and occasional vomit.  Jen and I have been talking about starting a blog that is not just all the good things about motherhood, but more a warts and all blog that talks about the real issues and events that others leave hidden in the closet. For us this includes both the highs of motherhood and the reality of ground hog day, challenging children, relationship woes, finances, in laws, ego centric husbands, body image issues and the list goes on and on.

This about sums up my life... stylekid

Needless to say the thought of exposing the good and not so good parts of my life and relationship is a little daunting and procrastination has been the name of the game. I turned 34 the other day, (now week) and number #1 on the to do list was my first blog that day.  In true Carla fashion it is now day 12 but here goes....

The cake...,

So here is my somewhat munted birthday cake. Story of my life, doesn't always work out like planned but made with love, laughter and tastes alright in the end.  My 3 year old Reilly is obsessed with cooking, cakes and cupcakes, yes he is a boy!!!. So under his supervision we made a strawberry cake with lollies and had a party with Grandma and Grampy.

My darling husband, god bless, was in LA for work and forgot. No surprises there, he had bought me a  bamboo tablet at my request before he left. On the day he text in the morning to say he had arrived safely, nothing. I was expecting a call during the day once he opened facebook and saw all the birthday messages, nothing. He skyped that night and we were generally talking, Husband: "who are you setting the table for?", Me: "Mum, Dad and KK", Husband: "why", Me: "it's my birthday", Husband: "Ohhh".  Still love him just the way he is.

My night...

My husbands night...

So here's cheers to 34,  the wonderful year to follow and the bumps along the way.  My hope is by bearing my soul and attempts at motherhood, I can share a little bit of laughter and the realization we are all just the same (in many different ways) and doing a pretty good job warts and all.


So on that happy note I will leave you with a quote I found the other day  I thought this was a great philosophy for parenting. And please be gentle this is my virgin attempt at blogging.

Cheers Carla 

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