Sunday, 2 October 2011

My Favourite Things

You would think my favourite things would be something like these gorgeous outfits.....  Don't get me wrong I would have them in a heartbeat if offered, but nice clothes are not top of my list anymore (maybe number 9).

Hello, I am the other half of Unedited Motherhood - Jennie, and as Carla mentioned this blog is for us, an honest look at Motherhood.  Not the cookie cutter, stepford wife (fibbing) look at being a mum, but the I'm trying to ... look nice, have my hair done, have my kids in ironed clothes without food all over their face, have a nice orderly house that looks like a designer home, have polite kids, fabulous dinner that ALL the family will eat, should I go on?

I would like to be that woman that wakes up in the morning is beautiful pj's with my hair suitable messy, but in that sexy, come to bed type mess.  The type of woman that looks like she is ready to step out of the house looking casual but still completely styled instead of the mess I look most days.  I would like to be the type of mother that is always calm and when she is upset with her kids talks in a very small controlled voice, rather then the yelling that ensues our house.  I would like to be that wife that is always cheerful and full of fun and life even after doing 10 loads of washing and kid wrangling all day.  I would like to be that wife that still has enough energy at the end of the day to turn into "sexy wife".  But I'm not.  I am average woman, mum of 3, wife, bit of a mess at times, has the house clean for about 2.5 hours a week before mess takes over again.  But I am a loving mum and wife and I try to make life for my children as fun and adventurous as possible, and my kids happiness is paramount for me.

However it got me thinking about what it is that makes me happy these days.  10 years ago it would have been having a fabulous career (which I haven't yet managed, but am working towards), being size 6 (long way off), having a great wardrobe (if you consider cargos and t-shirts a great wardrobe you can tick that), a loving husband (can tick that one), great friends (another tick), lots of holidays (negative).   Now things are very different.

My favourite things:
- When I am woken by one of the kids in the night and I see the time it somewhere between 12 and 4 am.  I no longer stress about having my sleep broken, I am just excited to see that I have another 5 - 2 hours left of sleep before the day begins.
- Having an hour to myself to read a book.  Anymore then an hour and I find myself wandering around the house not knowing what to do with myself.
- Having everyone in the car and being EARLY for the school drop off.  Love not rushing.

Of course I have many more "normal" things that are my favourites - my three kids being my most favourite of all.

I am bit in love with these three crazys....

So we would love to hear your stories.  The aim of this blog is to share our stories no matter how embarrassing, soppy, hurtful, etc.  When you know you aren't alone in how you feel, life is much better.  I think most of us don't feel that motherhood is the amazing path we thought it would be before we had our little ones, but that doesn't mean we love our little ones any less.  Join us, vent, and have a laugh.


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