Monday, 3 October 2011

The lost joy of showering....

So I had one of those light bulb moments this morning in the middle of the morning rush, "yuuukkk, I haven't showered for two days, yuuuk." Sadly this is not an uncommon light bulb moment in my house. For some this may revolt you, for others your saying "I know exactly what your talking about girl."
It's not that I chose not to shower the last two days, it's just that I honestly didn't think about it. Life is just one event, play, meal, maaahhhmm, feed, catastrophe after another and showering just didn't make it on the list.  Even sadder is that the last two baths I have had were with a 3yr old and 6 month old baby. I don't even know when my last shower was by myself. The light bulb usually comes on now when I prick myself with my own leg or underarm hair or I look in the mirror and realize you could cook chips in my hair it's so oily. But you will be happy to know that I have now showered, my hair is drying and I smell minty fresh.

Favorite all time bubble bath & body wash.

I know many of you are thinking why doesn't she just get up early (I love my sleep and the boys in bed in the morning) or shower before she goes to bed (I am busy with my to do list or too flippin tired). We have this amazing old claw bath in our new place and I am hanging to try it out. I'm thinking candles, bubbles, vino and a good book.... I used to be a shower twice a day girl and I LOVE my showers.  Even if I do get to have a longer shower now, there is always at least one set of male eyes in the house bearing down or up at me or someone wanting something that kills the enjoyment. Don't you just long for the day when you can shower in peace again?

Our beautiful new bath...
Alright, decision made, this will be my pamper promise to myself for the week. Before the week is out I will prioritize myself at least once and have a nice long soak in my new bath, with a glass of good vino while listening to Phantom of the Opera for at least 15 minutes...

Cheers Carla 

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